state of guilt…

So last week I mentioned that I found two rather old works-in-progress and committed to moving them along in order to start something new with less guilt.

I did manage to finish those tops…a scrappy one… I’d been worried that my smaller piecing style of late might not blend very well with the older chunkier work, but it seems to work fine. [New part in foreground.]


Also I discovered that I miss working primarily with prints. There’ll need to be more of this regularly, if only to cope with my enormous stash.


…and then I tackled a log cabin ditty of my town that just lacked the two river boundaries on the south and east sides.


You can see that it started out hand pieced but I got impatient and converted to machine. The wonkier houses look great in the neighborhood, though. So we’re going to say I meant to do it all along.

Rivering backside

And here’s the rivers upside down in stained glass mood lighting.

Rivering shimmer

These are both about to be sent off to (different) longarmers, folks who are partners in my process. I may end up adding hand quilting to the scrappy one, but what’s important is that they’ll be pushed forward to completion. Whew.

And so I sat a minute to consider what I ought to work on next. The new ideas are overwhelming, but there are still piles of old works waiting. [More pineapples, anyone?] That sounds safe and liable to erase ever more guilt.

Have a great week, friends!

return of the prints

Recently I had to pack up my studio and that ended up being a fascinating excavation expedition. Found loads of scissors and seam rippers and swatches and practice piecing and stuff that brought back many memories. Despite being started about six years ago, these two tops are pretty much close to done. They have been haunting me since I scrounged them up.

scrappin' it up!

Right? My friends remarked on the prints. It’s been about six years since I used prints in something this heavily. And a comment reminded me quite loudly of one reason why I stopped. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to to explain that someday without offending too much? I dunno.

Anyway, that’s the top I’m tackling first.

Now, I’ll always love scrappy patchwork–no matter the fabrics. The thing about scraps is that the more the use the more you have. So the bucket of scraps was still there, though I had to refrain from augmenting with six years of solids scraps. It’s hard to get back in the same process because of my obsession with small pieces, which also slows it all down.

scrappin' it up!

I’m embracing the idea that the quilt will have two visible phases. (Actually it’s already had two, but I’ll talk more about that later.) It’ll be like adding a deck onto a Victorian home. Meh, who’s judging?

scrappin' it up!

Yeah, those small pieces are fun, but even I know when small is too small.

scrappin' it up!

Who am I kidding? I think I can sew smaller than that.


But the goal now is getting stuff done so I can feel guilty about new projects. So I’ll hunker down and keep it chunky.

Have a good week!

stop, 2017

I think this is the first time I’ve reproduced my own quilt. The original was auctioned off for Planned Parenthood in 2011 but I still get exhibition requests. It just needs a sleeve and then has two long term stops already scheduled.

Stop 2017

Stop 2017

Stop 2017

Stop 2017

The Details
Materials: cotton (denim, scrap of calico)
Techniques: improvisationally machine pieced, machine quilted, hand bound
Finished size: 20″ square
Started: June 2017
Finished: June 2017

(almost) wordless wednesday: sewing in June

collaborative patchwork

testing out fusibles


quilting on the backside