the splashing of the yarn…

In conjunction with my show in Easton, PA, I also coordinated a yarn bombing on the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. It’s a lovely natural trail along a main artery highway and a pretty creek in town. There are many outdoor sculptures to see and a textile installation by Rachel Hayes.

(Here’s a little stranded knitting I steeked up, to wet your whistle.)

yarn bombing 2019

I scouted a short stretch of the trail with a row of newly planted trees whose skinny trunks could use a little bit of color. Here’s a video of our aftermath.

I gathered up a bunch of abandoned blanket projects, steeking some into smaller chunks. And I hooked up and knit a few more pieces. Even the garlands are made from crocheted hexagon bits.

yarn bombing 2019

yarn bombing 2019

We put out a call for volunteers to just show up on a Saturday morning in July and help sew the bits onto the trees and guardrails. About 20 folks stopped by and lent a hand, including some adorable little kids.

yarn bombing 2019

This last isolated tree blanket went up as I finished the hot morning. In this adjacent empty field now is a meditation labyrinth. This photo makes me pretty proud of the collaboration of all the artists on the trail.


so…where were we?

When last we spoke, friends, we were talking about Love. And, you know, how love is love is love, you know, in quilt form. And RealLife was just about to implode on me and become much too much to handle.

And I shared some IG shots from my summer solo show in Easton, PA. It was a lovely time of sharing my work with my “home” community and getting to reveal myself a little more to folks who don’t really know me much. Hence, the title of the show was Cottoning On.

The gallery staff, Michiko Okaya, Jim Toia, Erica Hutchins, and Wendy Sterling, were the best partners on the install, managing the needs of visitors, arranging the coordinated events (opening reception, public lecture, and a yarn bombing (more on the yarn attack later)), and generally just being their amazing selves. There were many attempts to document the show and the events and lots of photos resulted. [Local photographers, Tom Kosa and Kevin Vogrin, get the main credits. The first two below are Kosa; the rest are Vogrin.]

Here’s a blast of photos. My favorite is seeing people interact with the work and respond to the lecture.



More about this fresh freedom finish soon…










Whew. It turned out okay.


I’ll see you sooner next time.

Have a great weekend!


beating the yips

So I’ve seemingly abandoned this space for a while. It’s been a doozy of a summer, friends!

I’ll be back with a post-mortem on my show and all its trappings. But for now, you can see some installation views on the gallery website. Just scroll to the bottom and look in the photostream. There are some shots from the standing-room-only lecture too.

But here I’d like to share what has been a joy for me to see. Seeing how others view the show through their social media posts has opened my mind more to the aesthetic aspects of the show itself. You know, I’ve just buried my head in all those stitches and never really came up for air until, well, last week.



To battle the inevitable mental yips that come after an experience like this, I decided just to play and just made a quilt in a week. Here are the shots and the deets.






The Details

Title: beating the yips (?)
Materials: handdyed Osnaburg, voile, canvas, velvet, linen, silk, satin, sateen, wool knit, shirting, cotton lawn, gabardine, cotton jacquard, bark cloth, wool felt, monofilament thread, perle cotton
Techniques: machine pieced, hand appliquéd, hand quilted, hand bound
Finished size: 21 x 22”
Started: July 26, 2019
Finished: August 2, 2019

more on that show.

Well that looks fancy…

Well that looks fancy...

Cottoning On: Find info about the show and location at this link. It’ll be up June 7-July 27 (now extended an additional week to Aug 3 by audience demand), with reception on Friday, June 28 during 5-8pm. The artist talk will be on Tuesday, July 9 at 7:30pm in the same space.


True confession #628: I’m getting all anxious about logistics, or rather about not being heard when I warn. But the gallery director just told me to tell my people to arrive early and stake a claim to some seats if you’re coming to the talk on Tuesday, July 9. Early is like 6:30-ish maybe? Talk begins at 7:30 but a public meeting of local artists starts in the same room at 7. There’s also a smaller reception in the gallery that night starting at 6, so you’ll be entertained then too. xo