life has a way…oh, and QuiltCon ’17

Goodness, 2016 has been a doozy already, even just in the realm of celebrities reaching their ends… Ali loomed large in my childhood, as did Prince though not equally. Wrapping my head around this is difficult, to say the least.

But now I’m coming up on a year of no sleep, dealing with some RealLife family things that I’d never braced myself for. We’re reaching a transition point next week that doesn’t end things, but rather moves us into the next phase. Sure, this is all cryptic, but most of this isn’t my story to tell. Just know that my own life is out of my control and I wish things were different.

With that, note some changes in the teaching schedule I mentioned before.

And I want to point out that I’ll be teaching three classes at QuiltCon East in February 2017:

Friday, Feb 24 Adventures in Small Piecing (722)
Saturday, Feb 25 Around the World by Hand (721)
Sunday, Feb 26 Improvisational Hand Quilting (818)

You can download the catalog and then register later this month. You’ll need the workshop numbers to expedite the registration process.

Registration Dates
• MQG member registration opens on June 25, 2016
• Non-Member registration opens on July 1, 2016
• Onsite enrollments: If space is still available.

I still hope to see you sometime soon!

xo, c

where were we?

Ah yes, we were blue. Or rather we were singing and sewing the blues. We’re still doing that.


It’s just too much fun. And these denims are irresistible.


Oh, and if all the stars align in the right way with RealLife, then I’ll get to teach. Mostly about design with small pieces (technique and aesthetics), but other classes and a lecture or two will occur.

small stuff

Early June: Los Angeles MQG

Mid-June: Chattanooga MQG

Early July: Austin MQG

Early August: Slow Stitching Retreat in Maine

Early August: Cambridge MQG

February 2017: QuiltCon East in Savannah, Georgia

I hope to see you soon!


mood indigo

Oh, we don’t even acknowledge the lag time between conversations anymore. We are friends and we just pick up where we left off, right?

Living a bit of a jetset life both due to RealJob and RealLife, it is necessary to have a portable project these days. And, liking pain a challenge, why not use small pieces of denim? Of course.

Denim Hexagons

Denim Hexagons

Denim Hexagons

Denim Hexagons

Denim Hexagons

Denim Hexagons

Have a great weekend!

QuiltCon 2016 recap

Well, so it’s been about a month since QuiltCon in Pasadena. I showed you my 15 minutes of fame and then ran away to deal with RealLife and RealJob for a while. But I don’t want to fail to say how important it was to me to get to be there. Oh, I guess I just said it. Anyway, it was exactly the experience I needed at the perfect moment amid a thorny period.

And, truly, one of the best parts is getting to talk quilts with folks who mostly understand. I did reach my limit within four days, but it was fun finding my “max fill” mark.

Let’s just flash some photos with brief remarks and then call it a day. We have all moved on, but it’s good to record this here for a while.

Did the 4am wake-up to fly across the continent. This is me showing my friends I made it to the airport…this time.


Been flying so much that I got an upgrade. And this is the breakfast they served in first class. It was a nice surprise and turned out to be the only food I had that day other than a granola bar.


Because right when I landed at LAX I got a call that I needed to get to Pasadena ASAP to be photographed for the paper. My cabbie floored it. Yikes.


It was a lotta hurry up and wait, but the photos and article turned out well. So maybe it was worth getting hangry?


By the way, half of the quilts were in this room with amazing natural light. (This is just a moment early in the day (later in the week) before the crowds came.)

After all the newspaper stuff that afternoon, I met up with Dan Rouse to go on a long, crazy trip to see Luke Haynes’ log cabin show back in LA. It was interesting. It was nice meet Luke and it was even better to meet many of the folks who helped to make the quilts. I only took this one photo there. Will blame it on hunger…for now.


At the show, there was no controversy. It was nice to just get to enjoy and ponder and hear many different perspectives. [Sure, I have opinions. They’ll cost you a bevvie or two. :) ]

It was great to meet people I’ve meant to try to meet for years. See here, L to R: Katrina, Dan, Kathryn, Hillary, and me. [Photo by Katrina.]

QuiltCon 2016

The next day, I spent the whole day in class with Gwen Marston. She is a national treasure and I kept trying to figure out how to stash her in my luggage and bring her home with me. I was a hyperactive, distracted student, but it was still really fun.


To be honest, I was star-struck all day. Got to have lunch with Karen McTavish. Yes, THAT McTavish.


And there were lots of other great ladies there, L to R: Darci, Casey, Mandy, Karen, Emily, Tricia, Ashley, me, and Sandi.


My only purchase was these handdyed solids from Malka Dubrawsky. We finally got to meet after years of meaning to. Malka’s quilts have been and inspiration and we share many common “quilt ancestors.”


Tracy, one of my students from Maine last summer entered her class quilt in the show. Look at that great small sewing! I might have touched it too. :)

Days started blending together eventually. Got to make funny faces with Samarra Khaja.


Was on a panel discussion about diversity in the quilt world. Hear the audio here on Sandi’s podcast website.


Got to meet so many people that it was overwhelming for this small-voiced introvert. But on Sunday, I got to meet similarly low-key Shannon, an LA knitter with the cutest little kid. They came with me when I got interviewed that day. [Photo by Shannon.]


I really was a wreck by this time. So exhausted. But feeling truly fulfilled.

Stopped to get some dangerous candy in the airport.


And flew quietly back into RealLife.


Whew. After a month, I’m kinda ready to do it again.