wordless WIP wednesday: the one with the colorful knitting

scrappy blanket!

scrappy blanket!

scrappy blanket!

when in doubt, knit.

In the past three weeks, I’ve spent far too much time in rooms like this…


Meeting with doctors and specialists who are all very well-meaning and diligent. Lots of pokes and prods with some results and few answers. I’m not yet back to 100%, but definitely waaaaaaaaaaay better than 3 weeks ago. Whew. There are more results to await and follow-ups and I just hope this is it for a while.

new blanket

When I finally started sleeping less each day, I leaned towards knitting instead of sewing. There are not as many dangerous pointy and sharp tools involved, so fatigue is less dangerous with the sticks.

new blanket

Just doing some bias squares using scraps of yarn—from friends and my own. Should be fun to see how it turns out.

Have a great week!

a brown week

Well, I missed QuiltCon 2015, despite a full year of anticipation. I already wallowed in self-pity about it, but the decision not to go (made at 4am just before my flight) was the right one.

Brown week

A week ago, I started have intermittent intense stabbing pain. Between the episodes, all was fairly normal other than losing 5 pounds in two days, difficulty walking, and the growing fear of the next strike. After getting some help, some basic home care resulted in a slow taper of the problems; most recover from this within two weeks, so we’ll see. This is as much as I’ll discuss. Simple issues get complicated quickly in my healthcare and it’s boring to talk about. Overall, I’m lucky now as an adult to rarely get sick so I tend to get through the temporary misery by keeping that in mind.

Brown week

Having slept through the past five days, it’s a joy to rejoin the world. Yesterday I managed to eat solid foods and to sew a quilt block! It’s a precision-pieced brown commemoration of lost time. Brown? Yeah, it kinda makes sense here, but actually was just the fabric nearby. And non-improv just because I’ve been feeling the urge to have tight control on things, I guess. Still small, though; that’s a 5″ (unfinished) block.

Dispatches from QuiltCon seem quite colorful and positive and energetic! I’m still gutted to have missed seeing my friends, making new ones, and being around quilts. Oh, and ‘In Wedowee’ won a prize in the small quilt category. Yay!

Off to take a nap.

on MrXStitch

The generous and lovely Olisa Corcoran wrote a sweet profile of my artwork over on MrXStitch today.


I’d write more but I’m sick as a dog.

See you soon.