A small collection of my quilts. Dates are when quilt was completed. Most quilts take up to two years to finish.

Some other portion of my quilts are posted separately. If you appreciate the use of the full English language, then you might want to give them a try; they are NSFW quilts.

With the exception of One Summer Day and Red Criss Cross, these are all my own designs. (All rights reserved.)

still not, 2019


beating the yips, 2019


slow poetry 1: the one with apprehension, 2018

slow poetry 1: the one with apprehension

hope, half-empty, 2018

hope, half-empty

not showing proper deference to wypipo, 2018

not showing proper deference to wypipo

Get Woke, 2017

Get Woke

For A, the Compost Quilt, 2017

For A

In Shadows, 2016

In shadows

Autumn is Wistful, 2016

Autumn is Wistful

The One For Eric G, 2015

The one for Eric G

For Sherri Lynn, 2015

For Sherri Lynn

Cotton Sophisticate, 2015


Bobby Dole’s Blue Jeans, 2015

Bobby Dole's Blue Jeans

Bobby Dole Sings the Blues, 2015

Bobby Dole Sings the Blues

Kiss My Chocolate Box, 2015

kiss my chocolate box

Bobby Does the Twist, 2015

Bobby Does the Twist

For Nonya, 2015

For Nonya

Raspberry Barn, 2015

raspberry barn

In Carrboro, 2015

In Carrboro

Steal This Quilt, 2014


Vanishing, 2014


Elegy for Mike, 2014

Elegy for Mike

In Hogtown, 2014

In Hogtown

In Wedowee, 2014

In Wedowee

Boys Don’t Make Passes (2nd version), 2014

Boys don't make passes

In Anniston, 2014


Tune in Next Week, 2014

Tune in next week

Anticipation, 2014


Self Study #6: …was forgotten, 2013

Self-Study #6: ...was forgotten.

Self Study #5: (re)Emergence, 2013

Self Study #5: (re)Emergence

Self Study #4 (the one for T), 2013

Self Study #4: the one for T

Is this “love”?, 2013

Snuggleshott, 2013


Squirrelzilla Can’t Quit, 2013

Squirrelzilla can't quit.

Self Study #3 (boys don’t make passes…), 2013

self study iii: boys don't make passes...

Self Study #2, 2012

self study, ii

George, 2012


Self Study #1, 2012

self study, #1: sorry about the sun flare

Todd’s No-Baby Baby Quilt, 2012

Todd's No-Baby Baby Quilt

TQTFB, 2012

TQTFB: all done

cacophony, 2012


Sharecropper, 2012

Sharecropper quilt

Crazy Plus, 2012

Crazy Plus Quilt: on the fence, in two ways

Jack, 2011


stop., 2011


oreo: not the cookie, 2011


bitch, 2011


princess, 2011


Lingering, 2011

Lingering: all done

Simple Insanity, 2011

Simple Insanity

Squares!, 2011


Blissful, 2011


Bob, 2010

meet Bob.

Color Frenzy, 2010

shiny shot

For Anne, 2010

for Anne

Behold My Nuts!, 2010


Southwestern Skies, 2010

Southwestern Skies

Ann’s Quilt, 2009

Ann's Quilt

Blue Whimsy, 2009

Blue Whimsy: all done

Scrappy, 2009

a scrappy oldie

One Summer Day, 2008

One Summer Day: for Mr. AC (C365:287)

Heart/h, 2008

Heart/h: all done (C365:191)

Silk Study II, 2008

Second Silk Study: fuller view

Dad’s Charm, 2008

Dad's Charm: patchwork done (C365:179)

Freedom, 2008

Freedom: all pieced (C365:158)

19th Century Sampler, 2006

19th Century Sampler

Birthday Quilt, 2006

Birthday Quilt
Night and Day Log Cabin, 2005

Night and Day Log Cabin

Double Irish Chain, 2005

Blue Double Irish Chain

Red Criss Cross, 2005

Red Criss Cross

500 Pyramids, 2005

500 Floral Pyramids

Charm Quilt II, 2005

Second Charm Quilt