Using an old technique in a new way. These are all my original designs. (All rights reserved.)
Due to the use of the full English language, some of these are NSFW.
scroll at your own risk.

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canoodle doodle, 2013

Canoodle Doodle

mouth organ, 2013


down there, 2012

World AIDS Day

Really Redwork, 2012

Really Redwork: all done

self, 2012


cliché, 2012


tireless, 2012

tireless: up close

too legit, 2012

too legit

a delicate one, 2012

a delicate one

i celebrate his entire catalog, 2012

i celebrate his entire catalog.

indeed, 2012


patient endurance, 2012

patient endurance

patience, 2012

patience up close

humility, 2012

humble bokeh

toot in the middle, 2012

toot in the middle, vajayjay on the side

nope, it’s not., 2012

nope. it's not.

you know the one, 2012

you know the one.

a quiet Sunday morning, 2011

a quiet sunday morning

yep, you are!, 2011

yep, you are!

gotta watch your back, 2011

gotta watch your back.

just say “yes.”, 2011

Just say "yes."

channeling Valchek, 2011

channeling Valchek

humble, 2011


very much, 2011

very much.

don’t give a…, 2011

don't give a...

a nsfw sampler, 2011

a nsfw redwork sampler

Nigel-Murray, 2011


You spoke to Tammy?, 2011

You spoke to Tammy?

taco, 2011


stabby, 2011


Ron’s typewriter, 2011

Ron's typewriter.

mmm…, 2011


it’s like yoga, 2011

it's like yoga.

if you…, 2010

if you...

heh., 2010


double-edged, 2010


he really loves his coffee, 2010

he really loves his coffee.

gone but not forgotten, 2010

Gone, but not forgotten.

i like commas, 2010

i like commas.

deferred, 2010


yep, 2010


needs an !, 2009

needs an !

homage, 2009


Spam: tremendous!, 2009

it's tremendous!

Spam: the motion of the ocean, 2009

it's not the size of the ship; it's the motion of the ocean.

More spam, 2009

More Spam

Let’s go bowling, 2009

suddenly i wanna go bowling

Hudsucker Proxy proxy, 2009

hudsucker proxy proxy

no excuses, 2009

no excuses. (C365:356)

most knotty, 2009

most knotty

Snake Lemma, 2008

the snake lemma (C365:340)

yep, 2008

yep. [Dec 28, 08]

All you need is…, 2008

All you need is...

Fragments, 2008

fragments: all done (C365:332)

A Larkin fragment, 2008

a Larkin fragment (C365:331) [Dec 20, 08]